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Player Information
Name: Errin
Personal Journal: order_of_the_phoenix on Dreamwidth.
Contact Info: iridescentgnome (AIM) & (E-Mail)
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information
Name: Countess (or Lady) Ciela Phantomhive (In canon, his name is Earl Ciel Phantomhive.)
Source Canon: Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler
Age: 13
Role In Canon: In the manga, Ciel is one of (if not the) main character(s). He loses his parents in a horrific fire and spends a month in a cramped, damp dungeon where he is tortured in a number of ways - the manga is rather vague on the details. However, right when he is about to die, he summons a demon to his side. Said demon becomes his black-clad butler, Sebastian Michaelis.

With the demon's help, Ciel hunts down those who dirty Her Majesty's (Queen Victoria's) garden (i.e. London and surrounding territories). The pair also search for any sign of those who murdered Ciel's parents and tortured him so cruelly. Once Ciel has his revenge, he will give his soul to Sebastian - thus ending the Contract forged between them on the night Ciel summoned the demon.

Justification: At one point in the manga, Ciel is forced to cross-dress while on a case. The bratty, feminine disposition that he employs to charm the Viscount to his side seems precisely how Ciel would act if he was a girl instead of a boy. (Yet, I honestly don't think there would be much change - personality wise - if Ciel was Ciela instead. He would simply use his feminine wiles to get his way rather than employing a more masculine technique like yelling or pointing his pistol.) Thus, I would like to feminize the Earl and soften some of his harsher edges. Considering how crafty he was with the Viscount, I think Ciela would be quite mischievous, ambitious and charming in her own right.

Note: Nothing will change in the Earl's history. All that will change is his gender and how he treats people on a day to day basis.

History: Countess Ciela Phantomhive is the last living member (and, thus, the last heir) of the Phantomhive family. She is also the owner of Phantomhive Industries. Said industries craft toys, candy and even clothes. However, that is only part of Ciela’s tale. The story behind her being the sole heir in the first place is a tragic one. On Ciela’s tenth birthday, she was looking forward to spending a quiet night with her mother (Rachel) and her father (Vincent). Yet on that night, the Phantomhive mansion was burned to the ground.

Tragically, Ciela witnessed the deaths of her parents. She wasn’t able to linger on the matter, however. Not long after she witnessed her parents burning alive, the little girl was kidnapped and taken to a dark, dungeon-like place. While there she underwent physical and mental torture. It has even been suggested that she was raped (though that is never confirmed). Regardless, the girl was brought to the lowest of the low and told that the encounter would likely kill her.

Ciela Phantomhive decided then and there that she wasn’t going to allow anyone to dictate her life. Thus she mustered her strength – all the way down to her soul as it turns out – and (albeit accidentally) summoned a demon. As soon as she met the demon, she signed the contract without pause and gave her soul over to the demon if – and only if – the demon helped her torture/kill those who took her parents and her dignity away from her.

The demon, of course, agreed and Ciela named him Sebastian Michaelis. Sebastian then became her butler – obeying every order the Countess gave him flawlessly. (Though there was a learning period for Sebastian. Once that period passed, everything ran smoothly.)

Two years later, little has changed. Sebastian starts each morning by making Ciela a cup of tea and dressing his Mistress for the upcoming day. The butler is also the one in charge of telling the girl what she has to do for the day. It seems that Ciela relies heavily on him yet it isn’t long before the Countess begins to show her true colors.

During the second chapter of the manga, whilst in a hat shop (note: this is a small change from the cane shop in the manga), Ciela reveals her discomfort when it comes to her height (as well as her age). It becomes clear that the Countess wishes she were older and taller (and thus not so reliant on Sebastian – whom she doesn’t want to see some of her greater (and, perhaps, pettier) weaknesses).

Yet she doesn’t have a choice. Not long after purchasing the hats, Ciel finds herself in a rather compromising situation. One of the men she invites over to her mansion regularly turns out to be a member of the Italian Mafia. Ciela resigns herself for calling to Sebastian for help and the demon doesn’t disappoint – though he does tease the Countess mercilessly (i.e. by pretending to be dead and allowing the Countess to become bruised/bloody).

All ends well, however, and the pair venture home after the incident.

A few days later, Ciela receives a letter from Her Majesty detailing a spree of crimes that would soon be called the “Jack, The Ripper” cases. Because “Jack’s” victims were exclusively young women, the Countess takes the cases personally. As the Queen’s Guard-Dog, she sees it as her duty to ensure that London is safe for those of the Queen’s gender. Thus, along with Sebastian, she approaches the Undertaker for information.

From the information they gather (thanks to the Undertaker and Sebastian), the pair pursue the Viscount (with the help of Ciel’s Aunt, Madam Red, her butler, Grell Sutcliff, and Lau). In order to disguise herself for one of the Viscount’s parties (and in order to get close to the Viscount), Ciela allows herself to be dressed as a young lord (note: this is another small change from the manga). Sebastian then acts as her tutor and escorts her into the party.

All goes as planned – i.e. Ciela is kidnapped by the Viscount and rescued by Sebastian – and it seems like the case is solved. However, not long afterwards, “Jack” strikes again. This time, Sebastian reveals what he has been suspecting all along; and he turns out to be correct.

While waiting for “Jack” to strike again on the final victim, Ciela and Sebastian witness Madam Red and Grell Sutcliff come out of the victim’s house, covered in blood. While Grell (who turns out to be a Death Reaper) and Sebastian battle, Ciela is left alone with Madam Red. Madam Red seems like she wants to kill her (and nearly succeeds), but Sebastian intervenes to stop her. Ciela orders him to stop because she can see the pain in Madam Red’s eyes. Fortunately, Madam Red drops the knife and seems repentant.

Yet that isn’t acceptable for Grell. Shoving his chainsaw into Madam Red's chest, he ends her life in a spray of his favorite color (red).

After those events, Ciela attends his Aunt’s funeral and ensures that she is buried in her favorite color (red). She also makes sure the victims of her Aunt are given proper graves as well.

No one but she, Sebastian and Grell will ever know the true identity of “Jack, the Ripper”.

The pair seem to take a small break from society after that. For a time, Ciela spends time with her fiancée, Edward Middleford (note: yet another small tweak from the manga), and his mother, the Marchioness. While this interaction is amusing, it doesn’t hold much importance for the events that follow it.

After her Aunt (the Marchioness) and Edward leave, Ciela and Sebastian take on another case with Her Majesty. When they are in the middle of examining the scene of the crime, a strange pair approach them. Later on, the pair are given their names: Prince Soma and his butler, Agni. Somehow, to the bafflement of Ciela, the pair end up living with her and Sebastian for a short while.

Prince Soma's childishness at the age of seventeen is painfully apparent when he finally speaks with Ciela seriously. The now the 13 year old girl is able to give him some sage advice and thus seals their friendship forever (at least in Soma's mind).

Not long after said conversation, Ciela and Sebastian discover that another noble is blackmailing Agni for his curry-making skills. The reason for doing so is because said noble wants to obtain the Royal Warrant from Her Majesty. Upon learning this, Ciela decides that having such a thing would be good for Phantomhive Industries. Thus she puts Sebastian to work, depending on the demon to make better curry than Agni.

Miraculously, Sebastian succeeds and the Royal Warrant goes to the Phantomhive Industries.

Following that success, Her Majesty contacts Ciela again. This time, she claims that children are going missing and that she wants them found. Thus, once again, Ciela approaches the Undertaker (and humiliates herself) for information. However, for once, the Undertaker does not have any information for her.

Instead, the pair have to follow rumors about a circus that has come into town. Going under-cover, Ciela and Sebastian enter the circus ranks under the names Smile and Black (respectively). Smile, in particularly, finds it very hard to adjust to her temporary surroundings. There are a few incidences where her past is nearly revealed (i.e. the brand on her side), but she somehow manages to escape each time with her dignity more or less intact.

This is the point at which Ciela will enter the game (if accepted).

Changes: Ciel will become Ciela and thus change gender. Additionally, I have highlighted the small changes in canon in her history. There are three main differences:

1.) The cane shop becomes a hat shop.
2.) Instead of dressing as a lady for the Viscount's ball, Ciela dresses as a boy. (I really don't think this matters one iota. The Viscount seems to be equally attracted to young women and young men.)
3.) Elizabeth becomes Edward. (Though, if Elizabeth shows up in the game, I think it would be funny to have them try to interact again.)

Personality: The beginning of Ciela's life was idyllic - if one can ignore her occasional Asthma-related illness. She was a happy, loved child who looked forward to every holiday and every birthday with enthusiasm. However, when her tenth birthday arrived, everything changed. That night, her home was burned to the ground and her parents were killed within the blaze. Additionally, whilst searching for her parents in the flames, Ciela was kidnapped by a cult. They tortured and tormented her for a month - they even put her in a cage.

As time passed, Ciela saw other children killed in horrendous ways and she knew that it was only a matter of time before her captors killed her too. Something within the little girl broke. Gone was the laughing, cheerful child; gone was the child who hoped. Within that hopeless state, she summoned something with her cries and it judged her ire and burning ambition for revenge with amusement. Yet Ciela was, somehow, chosen worthy and the pentagram was placed on her eye. Without pausing, Ciela gave her first order: kill those who had oppressed her. The demon did so with apparent relish and Ciela stood on top of the victims' bodies.

From that day forth, the black spirit/demon became Ciela's black-clad butler, Sebastian Michaelis. Ciela began to rely on him heavily - especially when it came to rebuilding the mansion and returning the Phantomhive name to its former glory. As Ciela worked with Sebastian (or vice versa), her personality shifted again. While she retained the dark depression that she had experienced in captivity, she also learned to be confident in her abilities (particularly where it concerned her feminine wiles). To others - particularly those of nobility - Ciela became a smooth, lethal opponent that was able to get what she wanted without much effort. Because the young Countess looked at everything as a game, she became determined to never lose.

However, when she lost Madam Red, Ciela realized the price of playing particularly bloody games. While she never lost her resolve per se, it was clear that she regretted letting her die. Therefore, while Ciela pretends to be a cold, calculating Guard-Dog/Watch-Dog of Queen Victoria, her feelings aren't completely dead. Her family in particular are the ones that stir her emotions the most, though she doesn't like to admit that she feels deeply for them. She sees emotions of that nature as weaknesses - which can be used against her later by those like the cult members. (Sebastian is probably to blame on that front. Behind the scenes, he has slowly conditioned the Countess to be strong and reach for her goals ambitiously. Ciela's soul will, no doubt, taste better when the girl's revenge is satiated.)

Thus, currently, despite the dismal conditions of the Circus, Ciela is focused on completing the job that Queen Victoria set before her. That ambition helps her charm her fellow Circus members and get to the bottom of what has become of the missing children. Or, it would, if she wasn't being transported elsewhere in the middle of the case.

(Note: I have combined her history and personality in some sections because it is important to know why she changed and what caused said change. I hope it isn't too confusing.)

Abilities: The only "magic" Ciela possesses on her own are her sharp mind/wit - which tend to be more cruel than kind; her aim with her pistol and her fencing ability (*spoiler* which is nothing compared to her fiancee's fencing ability). Beyond that, Ciela's true power comes from her bond with a demon named Sebastian Michaelis (who is called Black in the Circus Arc). There is very little Sebastian can't do, which is why he is Ciela's favorite piece to use. (Sebastian = Black Knight in Ciela's Chess game.)

Sample: How utterly embarrassing. Why must I traipse around in these rags?! [Ciela mutters, irritated. There is the sound of clothes being smoothed out and hair being brushed.] Surely there is more appropriate clothing somewhere? I don't believe I am asking for too much.

Sebastian, would you - [She pauses and sighs under her breath.] It would be just like you to follow me in the shadows. [Raising her voice, she lightens her tone.] I was wondering if you could help me? It is such a chore to tie back my hair.

[Pausing for a moment, she listens for any sign of her butler hurrying to her aide. Unfortunately, she is doomed to be disappointed.]

Must I come and find you? And here I thought you were mature. [Getting to her feet, her heels clicking against the floor, Ciela ventures away from her mirror and her communication's device. It's clear that she didn't even realize she was being recorded.] Sebastian? Really, this is getting tiresome. If you remain absent, I will punish you.

[And, that, is a promise.

The feed ends with the sound of doors being rapped on sharply.]

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